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Current City Projects

Current projects are categorized below by City Managed Projects (City pays for design and construction) and Developer Managed Projects (Developer pays for design and construction).

Check the Legal Notices & Press Releases page for notices and advertisements related to these and other projects.

City Managed Projects (Capital Improvement Projects-CIP)

Public Works MTU and Radio Communication Installation
  • This project will build a new MTU control panel and radio panel and relocate the equipment location to the new Public Services building. This project will also upgrade the SCADA control panel at lift station #7 and add a new level transmitter to the wet well at lift station 21.
  • Project was awarded to Source Electric on May 10, 2022.
  • Project is completed and is currently in closeout process.


Tacoma Point Reservoir Replacement
  • This project will build a new 3.2MG water reservoir on the existing reservoir site in the North Lake Tapps area.This new reservoir will replace an aging smaller tank and provide better water storage to the developing North Lake Tapps area.
  • Project was awarded to T. Bailey Construction on June 22, 2021.
  • Project is complete and is currently in closeout process.

Allan Yorke Park Project - Phase 1
  • This project includes demolition of a metal building, clearing and earthwork to the site, and constructing a new baseball/multiuse field.  The new supporting infrastructure to the field includes a restroom building, new sidewalks, 109 space parking lot, fencing, and future playground area.
  • The Project was awarded to Premier Field Development on January 11, 2022.
  • Project is complete and entering the closeout process.
Grainger Springs Pump Facility Project
  • This project will replace the existing aging water pump facility at the Grainger Springs spring wells site. The project will build a new pump building and new pumps.
  • This project is currently under bid. See Current Bids above.

Lift Station #20 Rehabilitation Project
  • This project will provide restoration to the wet well at Lift station #20. The project will replace corroding equipment in the wet well, patch deteriorating concrete and provide a new epoxy coating to the concrete.
  • The project was awarded to McCann Construction on November 20, 2023. Construction to begin in January 2024.
200th Avenue East Preservation Project

East Pierce Fire Department Center Project
  • This project is a commercial building currently under construction.
Stor-it Here Expansion Project
  • This is a commercial project currently under construction.
  • This project is an expansion of the existing structure located at 10011 216th Ave Pl E.
Peak 410 Development
  • This a commercial development project currently under construction.
  • This project will provide multiple commercial structures located at 22911 Hwy 410 E.

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